Not all watches have to look the same.

Own your wrist

with your original designs and/or our unique upgrades

What we do.

Dials to your design

The list is nearly endless but here are a few possibilities:-

  • Bring your own custom designs to reality.
  • Print a dial that maybe you just want to try before buying a particular type of watch. Examples might be

    Rightie dials with the crown at 9 instead of 3

    Offset dials with a 30 degree shift so the 12 faces you when your wrist is at a small angle.

    California dials

  • Lumaholic’s dial with just heaps of lume. You need to see one in action to see how good they are.
  • Over prints (not over paints) of dials with no lume or where the lume has faded.


This rotating stage is designed for use in dial printing.

It is a useful tool to allow the rotation of the dial to align with the cliche that contains the ink.

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Rotating Stage

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